This brand, Mythos, produces playing card sets that appeal to both the average family and the professional card player. These cards are organized into collectible sets that are themed off of various creatures from myth, prehistory, and legend. Each set will link to an app that informs the user about the set, the creatures featured on the cards, and other card packs that are available.
Before designing cards and packaging, a logo had to be developed along with a name and tagline. This logo had to appeal to professionals and families alike, all while possessing a unique quality reflective of the brand’s concept and values of innovation, modernity, and intrigue.
The balance between appealing to the professional card player and the average family is a tough task to accomplish. In creation of the Mythos logo, however, this was done through a mostly typographic solution that is not burdened by frills and extraneous details, but still manages to maintain an almost playful quality that children will find fun and intriguing. The color choices remain fun, but also simplistic and modern, combining the bright yellows and oranges on a dark ground.
The “wing” icon is fashioned in the shape of the M in the name to add to the unique typographic style. It is meant to be able to stand alone or function as it is within the full logo. The blackletter typeface, Cabazon, has a fun, thematic feel to it, but functions as a less ornate, frilly blackletter font that will fit with the professional crowd. Calligraphic, the typeface used for the tagline, has a slightly more playful feel, but still remains a relatively simple and modern edition of the calligraphic family of typefaces.
For Mythos, a packaging system for three separate paper structures had to be designed and constructed, breaking from traditional packaging systems and creating a unique form to make the brand stand out. Three different themed card packs were conceptualized and the boxes for all three sets were created. Additionally, the full 52-card set was designed for one of the packs. The full packaging system had to be designed to appeal to both the professional card game player and the average household family.​​​​​​​

To achieve the final solution, concepts from the initial branding process were explored from illustration style to color palette. Box structures were conceptualized and experimented with before a rigid book-like structure was finalized to reflect the concept of the myths and legends that each pack helps tell the story of. This book shape, combined with the use of a rigid structure, help to differentiate the packaging from that of nearly every other major playing card manufacturer. Each box and card is set on a dark, nearly black background with bright illustrations and text overlaid. The back of each box contains the brand story and an invitation for the customer to download a conceptual app that would be incorporated with each card pack and the QR code found on the box. The cards found inside were designed in line with those of many other playing card sets, but the color schemes reflect those of the card pack that they are found in. Twelve specialized cards (Jack, Queen, and King in each suit) contain illustrations of various Greek Mythological creatures, which serve as the inspiration for the brand and what makes each pack unique.