Helektral was developed as a modular, geometric typeface to be used in industrial marketing and advertising. The forms and style were inspired by electrical wires and plugs, fitting well into an industrial market. As opposed to a fill, the form relies on the stroke to open the industrial typeface to more whimsical opportunities, including neon effects also reminiscent of the technological themes of Helektral.
The typeface is meant to be used for advertising and marketing for industrial brands, but the open opportunities that the form offers allows the typeface to be utilized in a number of other ways, including event posters. To display the potential of Helektral, a poster for the 2018 Cable-Tec convention in Atlanta, Georgia, was created. A neon blue version of the typeface was employed against a dark background, and though Helektral is only used for the event title, the neon and technological design choices are carried throughout the rest of the poster for a cohesive infographic.
Cable-Tec is a world-wide cable engineering event that takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, and is host to hundreds of speakers from the world’s leading cable networking industries. This event caters to industry leaders and businesses with interest in cable and communications. This poster was created to incorporate the Helektral typeface in a way that related fittingly to a real-life event. The poster is created using concepts that reflect the themes of technology and innovation embraced by the Cable-Tec conference.
Helektral is used as the typeface for the title of the conference, and is complemented by both the Righteous and Comfortaa typefaces. Righteous is used for dates and times primarily, and is incorporated because of its modern, technological appearance. This, combined with its highly geometric form relates it closely to Helektral. Comfortaa, while still boasting a modern aesthetic, is used more specifically for its rounded form, appearing similar to the rounded shapes found in Helektral. All of these chosen typefaces reflect themes of modernity, progression, and innovation, much like the ideals held by Cable-Tec.
One of the concepts embraced by Cable-Tec is how the convention appeals to industries worldwide, a concept reflected by the vaguely globe-like object found in the bottom-right corner. Almost like markers on a map, pins rise out of the “globe” and lead to the various lectures and their details. These points of information radiate around the “globe” as if different locations on in the technological “world”.
Color choice was also carefully thought out to represent technological advancement. Bright, neon colors portray concepts of electronics, but also reflect the neon-tube-like form of the Helektral typeface with its rounded shapes.