eShop Marketer is dedicated to helping new eCommerce shops grow their businesses and start selling in an online atmosphere. This is achieved through their training site at eShopMarketer, and their informational blog, How To Sell On Etsy.
This project entailed a complete rebrand of eShopMarketer, and a full website overhaul on their main training site. In addition, the brand and website for How To Sell On Etsy had to be built from the ground up.



eShop Marketer Pro

eShop Marketer Pro Live

eShop Marketer Diamond

In addition to their primary training website, I designed and built their blog website, How To Sell On Etsy. Branding and web design was developed from the ground up as I helped launch this new service. How To Sell On Etsy provides free training to new Etsy sellers, in addition to the membership content hosted at eShop Marketer. I was charged with creating a welcoming, charming area for new sellers to learn and explore, which influenced my design choices throughout the branding and web design process.