As a luxury fragrance distributor, Eau-factorie (stylized eau-factorie) strives to create only the finest fragrances and oils, offering pre-made and customizable selections that suit the user’s every need. This project involved a complete brand development for the company, from the logo to the various brand applications and touchpoints. The brand adheres to Eau-factorie’s values of sustainability, modernity, simplicity, naturalism, elegance, and luxury.
Eau-factorie’s focus on naturalism, modernity, and elegance was the driving force behind the realization of the project, as such ideals were carried throughout the logo, color pallette, type choice, and other aspects of the brand system. The print brochure was designed to be used in-house to assist the user in selecting the perfect fragrance blend. It offers information about the company’s five most popular blends, the three most common oils, and the various other oils and what they do for the body.