DYG is a home gardening company geared toward mothers with young children, offering fun and playful ways to engage with nature while drawing upon childhood creativity. DYG sells various collections of seeds grouped together in numerous arrangements such that the user can grow custom gardens that act as a cohesive units. Instructions are included with each seed packet so that the user can easily grow the plants with minimal research or trouble.


A packaging system and initial brand identity was designed for one of these seed collections, specifically the Wellness collection. This product contains eight packets of seeds for eight different plants that all offer a variety of health benefits, but all of which can be brewed into a tea. Both the interior and exterior of the box are designed to appeal to a younger, more playful audience by using bright colors and whimsical illustrations. Each seed packet is designed to fit nicely in the boxes slots and appear as if flowers are growing out of the ground inside. The box exterior reflects the brand and categorizes the individual product against the brand’s other offerings.