Hello Brunet-Garcia

My name is Jacob Bairen, and I am an experienced graphic designer and digital marketer. My interests and talents lie in branding, advertising, UX/UI design, and web design, which has lent my intrigue to Brunet-Garcia because of your branding specialties. I visited your office during a previous Design Week that your team hosted, and fell in love with the environment and the work that you do. Your team stuck out to me as the perfect place to work, so I would like to introduce you to some of my work and why I would be a great fit on the Brunet-Garcia team. 

My skills lie in brand development, advertising, UX/UI design, and web design. I focus on building strong brand images that stand out amongst the competition, offering unique experiences to the consumer. My methods involve copious amounts of research and brainstorming, which I take as inspiration in order to begin creating strong design. Research remains an ongoing task, but once initial research is completed, brand development takes off, going through many stages of conceptualization and revision until the final product is completed.

Were I to join the Brunet-Garcia team, I would offer a dedicated hand and mind to help build strong design with you. I work well on a team and actively seek out feedback in everything I do, because a good designer can create good work, but a great designer can take feedback and create incredible work. The strong sense of camaraderie at Brunet-Garcia is one of many reasons that I would like to join the team, in addition to the incredible work developed by your studio and the positive, welcoming atmosphere that can be felt as soon as someone walks in.

I hope that you enjoy this selection of my work, I encourage you to explore the rest of my portfolio, and I hope that you would consider me for the newest member of your incredible team. 


Thank you,

Jacob Bairen

Please enjoy a selection of my projects

eShop Marketer

During my time at eShop Marketer, I have done many things, from creating sales funnels in ClickFunnels and running member onboarding campaigns in InfusionSoft, to rebranding the company and redesigning the whole website.
The biggest project in my time at eShop Marketer was the complete rebrand of the company. This involved the conceptualization and development of an entirely new logo and brand system. The entire website went through a complete redesign and restructure, requiring significant concepting and research.
Aside from the website and the rebrand, I have overseen or executed the creation of many sales funnels in ClickFunnels. These also went through a rebrand along with the rest of the company. Another project I had part in was the creation of logos for pro members’ Etsy shops.


Fossilyz is a mobile “edutainment” app that teaches the intricacies and practice of paleontology and dinosaurs to middle-to-highschool aged kids. Fossilyz is designed to be highly interactive and informative, so that the user ends up learning without knowing they are doing so. As you play, you meet Tyrone the Tyrannosaurus, your guide and friend throughout the entire app. Join Tyrone in visiting, digging at, and uncovering dinosaurs in real life fossil beds from around the world.
After playing the game, visit any participating zoo or museum to experience the Fossilyz Traveling Exhibition and uncover digital fossils with your own hands and add them to your game! Use specially made tools to interact with the screen below you and dig how a paleontologist would.

Queen Greatest Hits: Deluxe Edition

This project was created as a marketing and advertising campaign for a theoretical release of a new Queen album. The concept for the album was to create a new, yet familiar experience that would appeal to audiences both young and old. The goal of the campaign was to introduce some of Queen’s most iconic and popular songs to the younger generation in a way that spoke to their demographic. At the same time, it was crucial to maintain that bold, extravagant brand identity that Queen has embodied for decades. This was achieved through album design, as records have seen a rise in popularity over the past few years, as well as a new, interactive website, and traditional promotional materials, such as large posters. The branding of these elements is bold and captures the character of the band, as it presents itself to new audiences in ways that they can relate and enjoy the content.


Mythos is a playing card manufacturer that produces themed playing cards for kids and young adults. Each card set contains a full deck of cards that is themed after creatures and stories from mythology, history, and folk tales.  Mythos cards are collectible, fun, and interactive.
The design solution involved creating unique packaging and illustrations for each pack. Boxes were designed for Greek Mythology, Paleontology, and Cryptozoology card packs that resemble the books that many of these stories come from. This decision adds a thematic flair to the packaging while setting the packs apart from the typical box that many competitors rely on.
The app was also developed as a means to keep track of collected sets and learn about the creatures featured in them. Using the packs that the user has collected, they can also play various card games either online or solo.